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I wish I could stick a couch onto this website, so you could curl up while you read.  Maybe some hot tea, too.  But since I can't, I'll just say, welcome.  This space is for you.

I'm Rae. I'm a wandering Canadian. I have a Superstar Husband, which is a wonderful thing to have. He travels with a guitar and banjo, and many other instruments that are pretty important members of our family. We have five children who are just like dolphins: slippery, grey, and remarkably high-pitched. (Not really. Except the high-pitched part.)

They feature on this blog all the time, so I'll introduce them: Kai is ten years old, incredibly bright, a small scientist, full of questions, and a little melancholy at times.  Kenya is eight: our only daughter, unconsciously lovely, an artist, in temperament more like a firstborn, and a great friend to have.  Leafy, growing like a weed- he's seven.  Leafy loves to give gifts and receive them, build us things, and let us know right from wrong. Also to pretend to be a superhero.  Then there's our Solo, four years old- our intense dancing cutey bean, the one who brought all the noise. And our newest, teeniest kiddo is Isaac- the happy baby who was born in January 2013.

As more people are reading this website, sometimes I find myself faltering, a little, when I want to write about something particular to certain parts of my life that other people share.  So, I'll just say this.  I want to continue to be honest, while also striving to be kind.   This is not always easy, but it is a groundnote for this blog.

We live in Thailand. Before that we lived in India, before that, Sacramento, and before that we lived in the Woods in Northern California, with the tall tall trees and the winding rivers. Before that, in San Francisco, and once upon a time I was a girl growing up in the ravines of British Columbia. I am not done with my journey, by any means.

I'm looking forward to good stories.

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Much love and happy reading,